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  1. Valerian Powder

    Valerian Powder


    Valerian is used to combat stress, sleeping problems, high blood pressure and is also used as a general relaxant. Learn More
  2. Tranquilitea 20 grams

    Tranquilitea 20 grams


    Tranquilitea is a mix of a variety of tasty herbs. It can be used as a tea, but it can also be smoked. Learn More
  3. Yerba mate

    Yerba mate


    Yerba Mate is a South-American herb with a stimulating effect, similar to coffee. Learn More
  4. Skullcap



    Skullcap is a North-American herb that is related to mint. It has calming and sleep-inducing qualities. Learn More
  5. Wormwood



    Wormwood is one of the ingredients in Absinthe, the famous alcoholic drink. The effect is mildly hallucinogenic. Learn More
  6. Maca Powder

    Maca Powder


    Maca is a root with several positive effects. It increases your libido, boosts your stamina and makes you less vulnerable to stress. It is also very healthy because of its high nutritional value. Maca contains sugars, fibers, proteins, calcium and potassium. Learn More
  7. Kolanut



    Boost your concentration with Kola nut for when you have to work or study. Kola nut is one of the original ingredients in Coca-Cola. Learn More
  8. Ginseng



    Ginseng is used for its aphrodisiac and vitalizing effects. It combats the aging process and it helps against fatigue. Learn More
  9. Tea wake up

    Tea wake up


    Tea Wake Up is a tasty tea with a kick: energy with a nice flavor. Learn More
  10. Dreamherb



    Dream Herb - or Calea zacatechichi – is an herb that stimulates lucid dreaming. Learn More

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