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Cosmic Connectors 10 gram


General Information:

Truffles, also called philosopher’s stones or sclerotia, have a psychedelic effect. This means that your sensory perceptions will change. Truffles will change the way you feel, the way you think and the way in which you perceive the world. Colors can become brighter, faces can look different and sounds can become distorted. When you close your eyes you may see geometric patterns and you may feel like you’re in a completely different world. The higher the dose you take, the bigger the changes in perception will be. A low dose of truffles usually makes people laugh and feel good. Ordinary little things can suddenly appear extraordinary and interesting. A higher dose can cause intense psychedelic effects. Your thinking process may change so much that it might be hard to remember what the ‘normal’ world looks and feels like. Only take higher dosages of truffles if you have experience with low dosages or with other psychedelics.


Package of 10 grams of fresh truffles.


Cosmic Connectors truffles (Cosmic Connectors Sclerotia)


The strength and intensity of the truffles’ effects depend on a number of things. 1) The set: how you feel, mentally and physically. 2) The setting: where you are and with who. 3) The dose: how much you take. It also makes a difference if you take truffles on an empty or a full stomach. The Cosmic Connectors are strong truffles. In low dosages the effects can be mild, but with average and high doses the effects can be intense. For a mild effect you should take between 3-5 grams per person. For a medium effect you can take between 5-8 grams and for a strong effect you can take between 8-10 grams. The effects kick in around 30 minutes after ingestion (it can take longer if you take them on a full stomach). After one hour, the effects will usually not become stronger: you have reached the peak. The effects will last between 4 and 6 hours after ingestion (depending on the dose you have taken). After this, it takes another 1 to 2 hours before the effects wear off completely. It is recommended that you take plenty of time for your trip, and to make sure that you don’t have any obligations on the day you eat truffles.

When you eat the truffles, the active substances (psilocin and psilocybin) are absorbed into your body. Chewing the truffles well and slowly will allow the active substances to be absorbed through your saliva. This will have a stronger effect. Chewing also decreases the chance of becoming nauseous. Take the truffles on an empty stomach. This has a stronger and faster effect and also decreases the chance of becoming nauseous. It is important to take the truffles in a comfortable and safe setting. Many people prefer to be somewhere in nature, but taking them at home (with nice music in the background) is also a good option. As long as you are in a place where you feel at ease and where you will not be disturbed. The surroundings are important because they affect the way you feel. It is a bad idea to take truffles in pub or to be wandering around crowded streets after eating them. If you take truffles for the first time, make sure there is someone around who has experience with psychedelics.


Do not take truffles when you are not feeling well, physically or mentally. This product should not be used by people under 18 years of age. Do not use when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, when you have high or low blood-pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease or an enlarged prostate. Do not use in combination with medication, drugs and/or alcohol. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Shipping restrictions:

Please verify that the product is legal in your country. Unfortunately we cannot keep track of the (changing) laws in every country and we are not responsible if a product appears to be illegal. We cannot ship these truffles to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, Norway, New-Zealand, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal, UK, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Reunion Island, Russia, South-Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Mauritius and Denmark.


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Cosmic Connectors 10 gram

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